Perth Autism Support – PAS Youth Theatre 11+

Perth Autism Support are based in Perth. They have 2 groups taking part in season 3 of Positive Stories for Negative Times and are excited to be involved because we have very talented young people that attend our sessions who would benefit from further learning of drama and theatre skills. We have been running a youth theatre group for many years now and it is something our young people are greatly driven by..They will be working towards creating a Full stage production of Are You A Robot? 

Perth Autism Support is registered to provide a care service to a maximum of 20 children and young people between the ages of 3 up to 19 years.

We support children and young people both have a diagnosis of autism and those who are on the pathway for assessment.

Our support is provided on either a one to one or group basis, depending on the needs of each individual young person.

We offer a broad range of holiday, after school and weekend activities to support children and young people in developing skills, confidence and peer friendships in a fun, engaging environment.

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