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The Plays

Positive Stories For Negative Times: Season 2 includes 7 exciting new plays written especially for young people aged 6–25 with varying and flexible cast sizes. These writers have been working with the new Positive Stories Youth Board to ensure that the plays are not only made for young people, but with them too.

Below is the selection of ‘plays’ available to explore. We say ‘plays’ because not all are traditional plays, some are based around devising and can act as a blue-print for your group to base their own work around. Age ranges are given for guidance only so feel free to pick whichever one you think your group will be most excited by. Each play is different and we believe that there should be something for everyone no matter their age, group size or experience of making theatre.

Extracts of each play will be available to download from the beginning of September and you will receive the full script of your chosen play once you sign up.

Spyrates 2 (Spies vs Pirates): Journey to the Forbidden Island
by Robbie Gordon and Jack Nurse

Featuring spies, pirates, robots, talking animals and everything in between, ‘Spyrates’ is an interactive, playful and imaginative adventure story with an accompanying process drama.

Ages 6+

Explore Spyrates 2 (Spies vs Pirates): Journey to the Forbidden Island

At First I Was Afraid… (I Was Petrified!)
by Douglas Maxwell

A feel-good comedy drama about a girl who keeps a diary of all her anxieties; but as she moves from Primary School to Secondary, from normal life to Lockdown, all of her worries appear to come true. Ages 11 +

Explore At First I Was Afraid… (I Was Petrified!)

The Raven
by Hannah Lavery

A play full of adventure and an exploration of what shapes and what divides us, exploring issues of blended families, bullying, overeating, depression and isolation. Ages 11+

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Thanks for Nothing
by The PappyShow with Lewis Hetherington

This is not a play, but a process. It explores what it means to be thankful in this world we live in today. It’s a mix of games, challenges and exercises for you to tell your own stories, in your own way.

Ages 11 +

Explore Thanks for Nothing

by Bryony Kimmings

A series of tasks and actions that make a narrative to be performed with props. We are agents of the revolution. How do we revolt? How do we not get into trouble? Where do we get power, and then how do we use it for good?

Ages 13 +

Explore Revolting

The Skirt
by Ellen Bannerman

An absurdist feminist fable for the next generation of feminists. Ages 16+

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Write to Rave: Step Pon
by Debris Stevenson

A play about the political power of a rave. Who has the right to rave, to dance and move freely? What is it to feel truly free in your own skin? It tells the story a queer group of humans trying their best to rave whilst the world tries its best to stop them.

Ages 18 +

Explore Write to Rave: Step Pon