Theatre Royal Dumfries – Guild of Players Youth Theatre Juniors

Theatre Royal Dumfries are based in Shakespeare Street, Dumfries. They have 3 groups taking part in Season 3 of Positive Stories for Negative Times and are excited to be involved because The Guild of Youth Players have been growing in numbers since the pandemic. After the biggest youth cast in the Guilds pantomime, we have proven the young peoples talent in the community. I’m excited for these kids to get a modern script in their hand, and really put their skills to the test. I’m also excited for a potential young person to take the lead on some of the production team roles. 

Exposing them to more playwrights will help their understanding of the theatre making and show what is capable in this world. They will be working towards creating a Full stage production of Ms Campbell’s Class Fourth Period. We are the Youth section of the Guild of Player, the amateur theatre that owns and resides in the oldest working theatre in Scotland, Theatre Royal Dumfries. The Guild of Players Youth Theatre meets every Tuesday to explore theatre making, and put on shows for their community. Our age range is 7 – 18, with kids of all skills and abilities. They’ve done devising, improv and script work with workshops in specialised skills as well. They are passionate about challenging themselves and engaging with their wider area to collaborate and create.

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