hidden route theatre company – young company

Formed in October 2019, hidden route is a theatre company who are based in Dundee and work across Scotland. They explore the unexpected and collaborate with people to make incredible things happen through exciting, engaging and empowering participatory theatre experiences and performance.

The company are passionate about working with with young theatre-makers and creative partners to make ambitious theatre which draws inspiration from the people they work with, physical spaces and stories both fictional and true.

hidden route young company is a theatre group for 13-17 year olds.

Our ethos is:

‘We are independent young people supportively working as a creative community. hidden route is a chance for new or experienced performers to create and explore all sorts of theatre that takes place across different sites in Dundee and beyond, where we use natural surroundings as our stimulus to leave you with an impact of ‘WOW’. Perspective changing theatre made by us, sticks with you.’