Ms Campbell’s Class Fifth Period

by Leyla Josephine

Cast size: 6-100
Age range: 14+

A group of school students in the bottom set maths class lock their teacher in a cupboard. They all have various motivations that are gradually revealed and are faced with the question: what do they do now?

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About the Artist

Award-winning filmmaker, playwright, poet and creative writing facilitator Leyla Josephine was named one of Screen International’s Rising Star Scotland 2022. She recently took part in Edinburgh International Film Festival Talent Lab and is a BAFTA Connect member.

Her solo shows Hopeless and Daddy Drag have taken the UK by storm with sold out shows across the country. She has also been featured on BBC Radio 4, BBC The Social, The Guardian Online, Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, Upworthy, The National and The Scotsman and Choice Words: Writers on Abortions alongside the likes Margaret Atwood, Audre Lorde and Gloria Steinem.