Inveralmond Community High School – ICHS Juniors

Inveralmond Community High School are based Livingston. They have 2 groups taking part in Season 3 of Positive Stories for Negative Times and are excited to be involved because the chance to channel who they are, their creative flair and their understanding of the world through which every artistic expression the process leads them is exactly why our young people have volunteered for this exciting project. 

Our young people have been committed to our subject throughout recent challenging times, they are persevered through a variety of restrictions and rules to snatch what ever Drama experience they could get, and now its time to celebrate how far they have come through this opportunity. They will be working towards creating a Full stage production of Ms Campbell’s Class Fourth Period. 

Inveralmond Community High School is a comprehensive non-denominational school situated in the Ladywell area of Livingston.

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