Thunk-It Theatre (Bugthorpe Primary School Group)

Thunk-It Theatre is a creative community organisation, passionate about connecting people, telling stories, and nurturing talent – no matter age or socio-economic background. Over the past year, Thunk-It has engaged over 100 participants, artists and creatives as well as an audience of over 1,000 people.

Thunk-It Theatre is passionate about engaging as many people as possible, to make the arts more accessible and inviting.

Bugthorpe Primary is a small primary school, located 4.5 miles from Stamford Bridge, with around 80 students from surrounding rural villages and areas. There is limited transport in this area and with the closest Arts Centre being in Pocklington, (7.6 miles away) there is a major gap in creative opportunities within the area that are accessible. The school already has a student-led drama group, who create and devise work themselves, showing an interest in developing their talent.

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