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Thanks for Nothing

by The PappyShow

Age range: 11+
Cast size: 5+

What are you thankful for? Not the big things. Not the deep things. What are the little, everyday things which give you moments of gratitude and joy?

Sometimes the world can feel like a mess, sometimes it feels like everything we want is out of reach. Sometimes it feels like we have nothing. But what happens when we stop and notice all the nothing. All the quiet, simple things which make up our world.

This isn’t a play! But a blueprint for performance.

Each company will make their own totally unique version of ‘Thanks for Nothing’. So we don’t know exactly how your show will turn out, but we promise you’ll have fun getting there.

You will be taken through a series of games, exercises, rituals, tasks and more. It will be playful, energising and eye opening as you get a chance to share something of yourself. The piece will be made of the stories of the company who make it.

It’s up to each participant what they choose to offer, there is no expectation, you share whatever you want to share. You can talk about being grateful for doughnuts, your family, the moon, Pokemon, Tap Dancing or anything else. Whatever is true for you and that you feel happy to share!

To follow this process you will need the whole company to come to fifteen sessions, each one 2 hours long. It’s up to you how you spread this out, over days, weeks or months.

Whatever you create will come out of the process. Most of the time will be about playing, sharing stories and ideas. In the final sessions, you will use the blueprint we give you to create your performance, you will decide together what you want to be in there! It might be different every time you perform it…

The piece is designed so anyone can take part. There is no specific casting, anyone who wants to take part can, this includes adults connected to the group, parents, receptionists, cleaners. Anyone who wants to join in, can, as long as the Director feels confident with the number and mix.

About the Artist

Thanks For Nothing is a collaboration between The PappyShow and playwright Lewis Hetherington.

The PappyShow is a playful and physical ensemble theatre company who create distinctive and critically acclaimed productions, lead inclusive workshops rooted in kindness, and work tirelessly to develop the industry we move in through connection and uplifting. The PappyShow was formed in 2013 by Kane Husbands to bring people together to move, dance, create moments of radical joy, share stories and take time just to PLAY! They exist as a social enterprise – working across performance and platforming the marginalised identities that we believe society could do better with. Their physical training is central to the company and the company offer this for everybody and every body, no matter your previous experience. By moving, playing, talking and listening, they create rooms (physical or digital) that are full of heart and where you can just be you. Diverse and collaborative, their productions explore identities that are rooted in the lived experience of their performers and span from the stage to the screen.

Productions BOYS and GIRLS were critically acclaimed for their vibrant, revelatory and expectation-defying explorations of contemporary masculinity and femininity. Our upcoming shows What Do You See and Black Girl Magic will delve even deeper into exploring and elevating the underrepresented identities that we want to see on stage.



Lewis Hetherington is an award winning playwright, director and performance maker. His work is rooted in collaboration and storytelling. He is passionate about the arts creating space for social change. He has won two Fringe First Awards, the Arches Brick Award, and an Adelaide Fringe Award. He is one of the co directors of fieldwork performance. His work has toured extensively throughout Scotland and the rest of the world including performances in Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and the USA.