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Beath High School are based in Foulford Road, Cowdenbeath, Fife. They have 1 group taking part in Season 3 of Positive Stories for Negative Times and are excited to be involved because while in some ways, the last three years have gone by in a blur, the pandemic era,  and its necessary restrictions, has been half of the high school career for our children.  That’s half of high school with no big school musicals, no plays to take the spotlight in and no trips to see quality work in a real theatre – some of the cornerstone memories of high school for creative kids.
Our pupils, known as “The Drama Weans”, have a burning passion for theatre and would leap at the chance to showcase this passion in a bigger venue than a classroom or assembly hall.  This is not limited to acting, as we are also lucky enough to have several talented young designers who would love to showcase their work on a bigger stage.
The school Drama Club provides an inclusive, supportive environment for pupils to be themselves, learn from each other and each other’s differences, and take on leadership roles.  Having the goal of a full production in a professional venue would raise everyone’s game as they work together in the aim of putting on the best possible production.  Several of our pupils are keen to go on to careers in the performing arts and getting to see a real working theatre from the inside would be an invaluable and insightful experience as we aim to support working-class young people into careers in the creative industries.. They will be working towards creating a Full stage production of The Day the Stampers United. More about Beath High School is a comprehensive secondary serving the Fife communities of Cowdenbeath, Lumphinnans, Kelty, Crossgates and Hill of Beath.
Drama is a popular and constantly growing subject at the school and we are proud of the skills, confidence and passion for performing arts that we inspire in our young people.  The school’s Drama Club went into necessary hibernation in 2020 and has been slowly emerging from its cocoon this year, with a keen crop of new members.   We are open to all and aim to give any pupil interested the chance to act. As many of our previous stalwarts have now left school, we have a lot of first time performers, keen to take their first steps on to the stage.

5 thoughts on “Beath High School Drama Club

  1. I was honoured to see this play this evening. You truly have a talented and enthusiastic bunch of Drama Weans. Break a leg on Sunday. It will be an amazing experience for them all.

  2. Their performance at PHILP HALL in February this year and again at the TRAVUSSY THEATRE was fabulous. Talented DRAMA WEANS. Well done to the most talented drama teacher- Miss Hanuson!

  3. The best performance I have ever seen!
    As someone from Germany who has lived back and forth in both Germany and Scotland for the last 45 years. I loved how these young talents, the DRAMA WEANS, were able to portray something so relatable to the audience – I was a coal miner during the strikes in the 1980s! I enjoyed the Margaret Thatcher slander and the characters standing up to their boss. Well done to the DRAMA WEANS and especially MISS HANSON and the various other people who helped with the production. Solidarity forever!

  4. Look at my drama weans, all grown up! They were simply fantastic, as were the production team which consisted of only me!

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