Write to Rave: Step Pon

by Debris Stevenson

Age range: 18 – 25

“I need to dance – the way a baby needs to bob to the beat before they can speak. But I’ve been locked in my bedroom for a year. I’d give anything for a dancefloor, a hug, a Wrey Neph but Covid’s cancelled carnival. Locked in a house with my homophobic parent’s it’s more than just carnival that’s been cancelled – I’ve been cancelled. I need to get out. I need to Step Pon the dance floor and remember what it means to be me, to see if I still can be.”

Step Pon is a play about the political power of a rave. Who has the right to rave, to dance and move freely? What is it to feel truly free in your own skin? It tells the story a queer group of humans trying their best to rave whilst the world tries it’s best to stop them.

This script is part of The Write to Rave, an immersive theatrical rave currently in development exploring the radicalism of raving.

It is a mash up of movement, music, poetry and lyrics. As funny and surreal as it is moving and political.

Can’t decide? Read an extract here…

About the Artist

Dyslexic academic, Grime-poet and Dancehall raving social activist. Debris explores the intersectional, unexpected and unjust – ideally whilst making you laugh and/or dance.

Debris has worked in 30 countries, raised over £300,000 with her company The Mouthy Poets to develop young talent, designed foundation performance poetry modules at Nottingham University and had her debut poetry pamphlet, Pigeon Party, published by Flipped Eye.

Debris’ debut show, Poet in da Corner, premiered at The Royal Court in 2018, receiving 4-5 stars and seeing Debris nominated for an Emerging Talent of The Year Award (Evening Standard Theatre Awards). Poet in da Corner toured the UK early 2020 alongside the release of the album (Accidental Records).

Debris is currently developing several TV shows, a play for Hightide Theatre and The Write to Rave, an immersive play exploring raving as radicalism. When Debris’ not writing she can be found dancing for The Heatwave, Red Bull Music Academy and Sillis Movement.