Revolting — Season 2

Bryony Kimmings

Bryony Kimmings is a playwright, performer, documentary maker and screen writer from the UK. She is inspired by female stories, social taboos and dismantling power structures. Kimmings’ work is brutally honest, very funny and often a bit geeky and dangerous.

Bryony’s stage work includes her plays (as writer and performer): Sex Idiot, 7 Day Drunk, Credible Likeable Superstar Role Model, Fake It til’ You Make It and I’m a Phoenix, Bitch.

Her TV and film work includes the documentaries The Sex Clinic (C4) and Opera Mums (BBC) and the feature film Last Christmas, which Bryony cowrote with Emma Thompson.

Bryony is working class and loud mouthed; a deep thinker, world fixer, activist and troublemaker all wrapped into one. She likes adapting and reimagining books, creating 3D female characters. She enjoys writing about class, gender and disability. Having toured all over the world with her shows (created about real events in her life) from the National Theatre to the Sydney Opera House, Bryony is now focusing on writing for film and TV.

“Kimmings is an artist of exceptional integrity, compassion, imagination and guts.” The Guardian

“Bold, brave and very brilliant!” The Independent

“An unabashedly wacky sweetheart” The Times

“Hilarious, heart-breaking, troubling and inspirational. Kick-ass in all the right ways.” Time Out

Age Range: 13 – 15
Cast size: 1 to 100

I find this country revolting. It makes me want to puke. How badly this has been handled. How much has been bungled. How many have been lost. How many let down. And don’t get me started on how I feel about shouting into a void! I have no power. I have no energy. I have no voice.

What they hell am I meant to do about it?!

What if we flip the word revolting? We are REVOLTING.

We are agents of the revolution. How do we revolt? How do we not get into trouble? Where do we get power and then how do we use it for good?

Award winning performance artist Bryony Kimmings paint by numbers self-generating play text asks you to imagine a new system, a new world, a fair one, with better prospects and more equality… and flying cars and free money and loads of dancing and pizza parties and solutions to climate change.

It is a series of tasks and actions that make a narrative to be performed with props. It is autobiographical, it has no characters so can be split up however groups would like and is very much fun, funny and self-authored.

Anyone will enjoy it but particularly those who feel a bit powerless or disengaged from political volition or plagued by apathy. It is also for those who need a bit of hope and agency.

Can’t decide? Read an extract…

The Plays — Season 2

Positive Stories For Negative Times: Season 2 includes 7 exciting new plays written especially for young people aged 6–25 with varying and flexible cast sizes. All have been co-commissioned by the Traverse Theatre. These writers have been working with the new Positive Stories Youth Board to ensure that the plays are not only made for young people, but with them too.

Below is the selection of ‘plays’ available to explore. We say ‘plays’ because not all are traditional plays, some are based around devising and can act as a blue-print for your group to base their own work around. Age ranges are given for guidance only so feel free to pick whichever one you think your group will be most excited by. Each play is different and we believe that there should be something for everyone no matter their age, group size or experience of making theatre.

Extracts of each play will be available to download from the beginning of September and you will receive the full script of your chosen play once you sign up.

Positive Stories for Negative Times — Season 2

Positive Stories for Negative Times is an international participatory project by Wonder Fools in association with the Traverse Theatre.

Welcome to Season 2, which is all about coming together, embarking on new processes and changing the way we think about theatre for young people. Wonder Fools and the Traverse Theatre have co-commissioned some of the UK’s most exciting voices to create new work for those between the ages of 6 and 25. Artists include Bryony Kimmings, Douglas Maxwell, Hannah Lavery, Debris Stevenson, The PappyShow, Wonder Fools and Traverse Young Writer Ellen Bannerman. The plays are written specifically for the times we are living in and will be free to participating groups from September 2021 — July 2022.