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To sign up for Positive Stories For Negative Times please fill in the form below. In it we’ll ask you to select which play you want to perform. We know you might not know just yet and will want to discuss it with your groups. In this case, there’s no rush, the project will be live and accepting applications until 26 May unless you want to take part in the festival then the deadline is 17 February, so just fill the form in when you know the details (we need to know your choice of play in order to sign you up). You’ll have until 1 September 2023 to finish your project.

If your organisation/school has multiple groups/classes that want to get involved that’s fine. Each organisation can host as many different groups as you like and you can choose different plays for each to reflect their different ages.

Once we’ve received your form one of the team will get back to you in due course with an agreement. Once this is signed then we will send you the script and the handbook and you’ll be good to go!

The handbook will include:

  • A process to follow and a series of tasks and exercises for your group
  • Prompts about how to direct and film a performance
  • Instructions of how to upload your submission to our online map

If you have any queries then please contact us here.

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    Positive Stories Festival

    This year we are putting on four Positive Stories Festivals in Scotland in Summer 2023 at our regional hubs: Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh, The Gaiety Theatre in Ayr, Eden Court in Inverness, and Perth Theatre in Perth.

    Participation will involve a spring workshop day at your hub in April/May and attending the festival weekend in June/July.

    Positive Stories for Negative Times Season 3 aims to increase access to high quality arts experiences for young people and, we hope, that participating in the project:

    • Young people will have improved self confidence

    • Group leaders’ skill sets and confidence in facilitating creative activity will beimproved through continued professional development

    • The quality and range of work commissioned for young people is improved

    • Young people and group leaders have greater access to culture in their local area

    • Venues and Wonder Fools reach new audiences/ participants

    • Young people have an increased representation in the arts in Scotland

    • A broader range of young people have increased access to the arts

    The festivals will take place in June/July:

    • Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh: 24 & 25 June

    • The Gaiety, Ayr: 1 & 2 July

    • Eden Court, Inverness: 8 & 9 July

    • Perth Theatre, Perth: 15 & 16 July

    To be included in the festival you’d also need to commit to attending the spring workshop with at least two members of your group. Please confirm you’d be able to attend.

    • Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh: 16 April

    • The Gaiety, Ayr: 22 April

    • Perth Theatre, Perth: 29 April

    • Eden Court, Inverness: 30 April

    We have a limited amount of bursaries to help groups access the festival. These are small pots of money and will be a contribution to costs such as travel. Not all groups participating in the festival will be able to receive a bursary and we will groups prioritise those we feel are in most need. Groups will also be expected to do their own fundraising where possible. Tick the box below if you feel your group may need financial support to attend the festival.