Thunk-It Theatre

Thunk-It Theatre Cic are based in 13 Holly Close. They have 1 groups taking part in season 3 of Positive Stories for Negative Times and are excited to be involved because We are incredibly excited to be taking part in this fantastic project, for the THIRD time! This time we are working with teenagers in the East Riding, and creating the production in just ONE WEEK! A completely new challenge and we cannot wait!. They will be working towards creating a Full stage production of Are You A Robot?. More about We are Thunk-It Theatre CIC. A community-focused theatre company that provides free and accessible theatre and drama workshops for participants of all ages in the York and East Riding areas.

We are passionate about connecting people, telling stories and nurturing talent, no matter age or socio-economic background. Our projects cover but are not limited to; Youth Theatre, Community Workshops, Charity Partnerships, and Family Theatre. Thunk-It Theatre connects communities and individuals by getting creative and having a good ol’ natter!

Our aims are to;
Build Community.

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