A Beginners Guide To The Creative Process with Wonder Fools

Date: Monday 15 November

Time: 5:00m – 7:00pm

Length: 2 hours

Location: Zoom

This workshop is designed to to introduce group leaders to structuring and planning a creative process.

Perhaps you have worked with young people for a long time but you have never created a piece of theatre with them or maybe this is your first time working on a script. This workshop will explore how to structure a rehearsal process, techniques to develop ideas with your participants as well as exercises you can use to approach a script both as the group leader and as a group all together.

Our aim is for your to leave feeling excited about planning and leading an engaging rehearsal process with your group.

This workshop is perfect if you are confident working with young people but have perhaps never created a performance or worked on a script before.

You will be able to book this workshop once your sign up is complete.